Sunday, July 8, 2007

Be Here Now

I have been waxing about the past so much I have neglected to mention how excited I am to go to Hofstra this summer. Camp starts July 27, and tomorrow there will be word of more dates. I will probably go in August, and probably more than once. The trip from Philly is about two hours, maybe a little more, and it's always a pleasure. It's always remarkable how little of North Merrick has changed since I lived there. That may or may not be of comfort to people who live there, but to a wannabe memoirist, it is a priceless character trait.

It's quiet in the online world of football, but it's an unsettling quiet before the storm. My wife and I are seasonally affected people who get more depressed as it gets colder, but we also have the good fortune of being football fans, which means that as the sun shines less and less, there are mountains of football games coming. Peace, my heart says. Be still. Be here now.

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