Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Manchu?

It kind of felt like football was back for real when I watched the Packers-Jaguars game last night. As lame as it can be, the greatest liability of exhibition football is its TV coverage, which becomes distracting and empty-headed. I have neither world enough nor time to discuss how self-referential the Fox broadcast was. The more the broadcast experienced technical difficulties, the more it made the technical difficulties the focus of the coverage. It's as if the networks want to talk about anything but the game. The play's the thing.

Anyway, "will Brett Favre play another then years or not?" "Isn't amazing how old he is?" "Let's chat with him about how the younger guys call him 'sir.'" "Will he be able to get into a rhythm with the new players who were in grammar school when he first started?" "What if he doesn't?" Repeat.

Fox is nattering like fools the entire night, and what is the one inane, superfluous sideshow matter they entirely neglect? Aaron Rodgers' moustache. I mean, as a rule, they're supposed to neglect him because he's Favre's backup, but he's #12 and he has a fu manchu. Doesn't that signify anything to football people? Am I the only one who's seeing this? I am so alone.

You be the judge. Can a man destined to play Richard Todd to Brett Favre's Joe Namath be conjuring the 1968 Joe Namath voodoo? Aaron Rodgers: you manchu. That's who.

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