Monday, November 5, 2007


I must be a patient man. My student asked me how I liked what his Redskins did to my Jets. Can he possibly understand - mere wisp of a youth that he is - what another stupid, avoidable loss like yesterday's does to me? Can he have any concept? He is 17, after all. He's old enough to go to an R-rated film alone. When he is a pathetic, paunchy 38 year-old man, will he still be heartbroken when "his" Redskins drop another game because of dropped passes, or when they accept a penalty and make the opposition retake a punt that gives over even worse field position? I certainly hope not, for his sake. I wouldn't wish this on even the most obnoxious of young bandwagon jumpers. He'll be a lot happier at that point if he jumps on someone else's wagon by then. I would advise him to do just that.

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