Friday, December 28, 2007

Go Jints

Every time I have written in support of whichever team is playing the New England Patriots, the outcome has been a New England win. That must be why the Patriots are undefeated.

How about the NFL's decision to broadcast the final game of the Giants' season. When I was a kid, one of the treats of the end of the football season was Saturday games. No college football, only pro games on Saturday. Much ill has been made of the NFL Network, and knowing the NFL, the network's decision to keep competitive games toward the end of the season within their clutches will stay in place next year. But apparently John Kerry threatened to have Senate hearings to discuss the matter of the network's existence, so now the game will be seen by all this Saturday. Kerry's constituents will have a chance to see the game after all. Hearings called off. False alarm. Who better to extort the billion dollar league than the Federal Government?

Man, I hope the Giants win.

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