Sunday, April 27, 2008

Die Draft Schadenfreude

Football's a funny game. Whereas baseball seems to produce surprises among teams, especially in terms of individual growth and performance (those naturally enhanced, mind you), football really is a game that is about a player's proscribed role in a given position, with a given team. Actually that's not that funny. It speaks to how limited the game is, I suppose. Nowhere is this more true than when one watches the draft, where it seems choosing the absolutely the right player is essential. Vernon Gholston is a good choice because he fits with the 3-4 system. Dustin Keller is a surprising tight end who can fit into the Jets' need to pay someone other than Chris Baker for the job. As many Jets fans know, Bubba Franks is getting paid more than Baker for being his backup. Ah, Mangini. He is ruthless about money, isn't he?

There are other fits. The secondary. Wide receiver (over 6'0", please). And quarterback. I'm glad all the commentators and writers are in less denial than the organization itself. We still need a quarterback. And of course, right on cue, Mel Kiper of ESPN said that Gholston is grossly overrated. Sigh. So let the funny game begin. I'm getting very, very ready.

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