Monday, April 21, 2008

Gholston Schmolsten

And yet now the Jets are giving Arkansas' RB Darren McFadden the tour of the city, which could take at least a week if you include trips to the Cloisters and Grant's Tomb. There are a number of neglected sites in Queens, of course. May I recommend its highly underrated Museum of Art? Would he benefit from a walking tour around Park Slope in Brooklyn? According to a Los Angeles Times article, his mother does not like New York for its sheer size, so maybe we should just show him Hofstra.

I'm still hoping the Jets will choose Vernon Gholston. If you are to believe Newsday, the Jets have more needs than a set of draft picks can solve. The Times seemed to think the Jets have done nearly enough in the free agent market. Sounds like Jets coverage to me. As I recall, the Jets already have two fairly able running backs. I'm going to also suggest drafting, getting, training or creating from insubstantial elements a quarterback. Am I wrong for refusing to pretend that Kellen Clemens is the answer?

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