Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raiders 16 Jets 13 (OT)

Well, that was hideous. Not since the "Heidi" game of almost 40 years ago has a Jets visit to Alameda County been so marred by penalties. But at least back then two superior teams played that late afternoon. One could hardly say that about today's Jets-Raiders game. Despite Thomas Jones' efforts, the Jets offense couldn't get the big plays. Despite meeting the NFL's 25th overall defense, Brett Favre simply could not find open receivers. I am grateful that the Jets made it to overtime with Jay Feely's kick, but I felt all throughout that they really didn't want to win all that much. Andy Reid's Eagles sometimes get like that, and when they do they are among the most frustrating and dull teams to watch in professional sports. The Jets displayed a similar lifelessness today.

I'm grateful that they did not have to go down as one of two teams to have that third quantity added to their season record. It's been many years since a team finished the season with a tie, and in this era, it's a slightly ignominious distinction. This was a game the Jets should not have lost, but for the sake of each club's long legacies, I'm glad one will go down a winner and the other a loser - even though each played with an "L" taped to their foreheads. Under their helmets, I guess. Ugh. This is what uninspiring football does to a guy. Bring in Delbart Mann and his Alpine heroine, for God's sake.

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