Saturday, January 10, 2009

Former Jets And Their Current Homes

I realize that you can't hold onto all the good talent on a team, but with a good new coach, I would like to see this kind of thing ended. The following were drafted by the New York Jets somewhere between 1997 and 2004 and are enjoying/have enjoyed the playoffs this year:

John Abraham (Atlanta)
Chad Pennington (Miami)
James Farrior (Pittsburgh)
Derrick Ward (NY Giants)
Erik Coleman (Atlanta)
Jason Ferguson (Miami)

I'm currently watching former free agent acquisitions Justin McCareins and Kevin Mawae for Tennessee against Baltimore, although Mawae's on the sidelines.

Let's not neglect teams that nearly went to the playoffs, like New Orleans, where you'll find first draftee Jonathan Vilma, or Dewayne Robertson's Denver Broncos, and the Jetskins, Santana Moss and Pete Kendall.

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