Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jets/Chargers - 1/17/10

At the end of three-quarters of what should be the year's best weekend of football, the home teams have outscored the visitors, 99-20. This might mean that the Jets will lose 34-7. More likely, it will be a close game that will break my heart. The Chargers have won 11 games in a row. Plenty of people have told me that on any given Sunday, the Jets can beat any of the remaining teams this year. Thank you, thank you. This is very kind. But this is also not true.

Given the dumb things I thought as this great season began, I cannot count this season as anything other than a success. A second round appearance in the playoffs is not what I thought our team was capable of doing, backing in or not. But I am ready for the same experience as the second round AFC Divisional Playoffs back in Januarys of '03 and '05. The former was an outright loss of 30-10 to the last of great Raiders teams, with Bill Romanowski, fully juiced up, decrying the Jets' blowout of Peyton Manning the week before. He mocked them. He was speaking the truth, though he a pernicious liar by nature. The awful, awful, awful, godawful 2005 loss to the 15-1 Steelers, 20-17 would have been a victory had Doug Brien made two field goals that clearly were shanked by the stress of the moment. If Jay Feely's not going to make the crucial field goal to win, I will take the blowout. I will take it like the Jets fan I am.

The Jets elect to kick. Deep, deep breath. Here we go.

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