Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Halfway There

This project of naming all the names and numbers of Jets present and past is evolving, changing, and frankly never complete. New players are being cut and added each year, and since I've got a day job teaching high school, I am often negligent in my duty to keep up with the addition of free agents, the departure of unfortunates. But regardless, my friends, this project, launched on August 31, 2007, is now at its nominal midway point. Fifty numbers done.  Forty-nine to go.

Whom will we meet along the way? Perhaps you'd like a sneak preview? An unexpected tour through the house of the man with whose buttocks Joe Namath frequently made contact? A Choctaw chief and middle linebacker? An interview with a former Bonner boy? And how many players have switched their number to 56, and why is this significant (hint:  it's not)?

Can anyone tell the difference between Dan Alexander and Dave Alexander? I'll have to. What do Winston Hill and Joe Klecko have in common? Did Dave Herman actually have an "accident?" Do both Greg Buttle and Gerry Philbin have New York accents?  What kind of law does Marvin Powell practice? Who is Larry Faulk?  Who was his replacement? What Jet ended up with a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers?  

And the receivers.  It's going to be fun to write about them.  Lammons, Barkum, Caster, Walker, Gaffney, Lam Jones, Burkett, Ward, Moss, Coles.  Wayne Chrebet, George Sauer, and Al Toon will each get their own entries.  Historically, the Jets have always been an exciting team through the air, whether the ball ended up where it should have or not.

Then obviously there's Lyons, Gastineau, Dennis Byrd, and a full game of what if's that includes the All-Pro linebackers we let get away, and imagining Warren Sapp and Reggie White wearing Jets uniforms.

It will be here, bit by bit, whether you're reading it or not (let's face it; that hasn't stopped me yet).  It may take a year, two, or four, but it will be done.  I am a man of my word.


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